Avena Leisure Centre is now over 10 years in operation.

Built in 2008 as a service to the Avena residential & commercial Development and surrounding area Avena Leisure has grown to provide a service not only to Ballisodare, but to a much wider catchment area stretching to most of the county.

Avena Leisure boasts the same fantastic health & fitness amenities you may expect to see in a large town or city. Avena has a well stocked comprehensive gym, a 20 metre heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam-room, sauna, 2 fitness studios and a physiotherapy service. Avena has also the added benefit of covered parking….especially useful in those cold wet winter days!

Over the past 10/11 years Avena Leisure has been an asset to the many thousands of people who have passed through their doors, offering swim lessons, fitness advice & instruction, personal training and fitness classes. Thousands of kids and adults of all ages have taken their first swimming stroke at Avena Leisure, thousands more have shed excess pounds over the years and others indeed have gained pounds in the endeavour of sculpting more muscular physiques. Whatever the goals Avena Leisure staff has been actively guiding its customers with expert advice to help them achieve their aims.

Avena has been proven popular not only as a facility for health & fitness, but as a centre for many who wish to simply relax and enjoy the social aspect.

Many use the facility as a social outlet where they can meet, chat and often develop friendships. For many who have felt a little isolated, especially in rural communities, Avena has been social outlet. This aspect coupled with the positivity and feel good factor that comes from exercise has made Avena Leisure a success.” ( General Manager Declan Nugent)

With an increasing awareness in living a more active, healthy lifestyle, Avena Leisure is proving to be a greater asset than first realised:

“More and more people are now starting to comprehend that in order to stand up to life`s challenges, a healthy body and mind is paramount.  To help people get on the right track, facilities such as ours along with many community based health initiatives, are providing a much greater opportunity for such.” (General Manager Declan Nugent)

The Avena Leisure staff would sincerely wish to thank all its customers for their business, with a  special mention to all its members for their support over the 10 years.

“We have met so many great people over the years. Getting to know the people who use our facility is what makes our jobs worthwhile and meaningful. Seeing how people create and achieve goals is very rewarding. It has also been great to be part of people’s everyday lives. (General Manager Declan Nugent)