We are open for business!

Not quite business as usual but be assured we have been working to make your visit to Avena Leisure as comfortable, safe, hygienic and efficient as possible. Guidelines have been issued for this sector and we have been devising ways to operate within these guidelines.

At this time all business` are doing their utmost to operate under the procedures which are deemed suitable for their specific operation. These procedures are not normal, quite restrictive and introduce quite a challenge.
The best way in which these new conditions can work is by people taking a common-sense approach, including personal responsibility for themselves while being conscious of others.
A sincere Thank you for your business. During this period of pandemic, we will do everything we realistically can to operate as close to normal as possible. We appreciate any patience and understanding you can afford us as we navigate our way through this.

So how have we changed things?


Booking your visit (Members Only)

Numbers are limited in the centre at any one time. However, we envisage that we will have sufficient area to accommodate the numbers expected to use our facility. You must be a current member of Avena Leisure to make a booking. When you attend the centre it is required that you make your way to reception and register with your key-tag as normal.


Booking Method 1:

To make certain of your visit, we have set up a booking system in which you can access here by using the booking button on this page or the booking button on our Facebook page.


Booking Method 2:

If you are not so tech-savvy, you can phone us on 0719130882 and we can make the booking for you.

Please note: If you attend the Leisure Centre without booking it may be the case that we may grant you access if possible (in relation to the numbers already using the facility), however as there are only certain numbers we can accommodate, we may have to help you reschedule to a different time.


Attending the Gymnasium

When attending the gym please do so dressed in your gym gear ready to workout. Please where possible shower at home. Separate lockers are now provided in the gym area for your convenience therefore you can access the gym directly after registering at reception. This will free up space in the changing room for those attending the pool in an effort to maintain the distancing required. We have also placed some equipment from our main gym space into our studio, this will further help with personal space and distancing in both rooms. Extra disinfecting sprays have been provided in both areas. Addition cleaning will be carried out throughout the day by Avena Staff.


Attending the Pool area

We have kept our pool area open. We are allowing limited access to both the Jacuzzi and Sauna. We can accommodate 2 people at a time in our Sauna (staying 2 metres apart) and 1 person per time in our Jacuzzi (in the case where you attending the centre as a couple or family members cohabitating
in the same house, 2 persons will be permitted). For now, the Steam-room will be deemed as off-limit because of the specific air moisture content and temperature.

A few basic guidelines to consider when using the facility

  • DO NOT attend the centre if you feel at all unwell!
  • Please register at reception
  • Wash or disinfect your hands using the facilities provided
  • Ensure sufficient distancing where possible
  • Contactless payments if at all possible in making a transaction.
  • Keep your visit efficient, reducing time within the centre